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Organizational agility is commonly quoted as critical to successfully adapting to rapidly changing business and work environments – and to
future-proofing the organization for future challenges and opportunities.

The argument is simple and compelling. If business leaders can improve organizational agility they will have gone a long way in preparing that organization for the business challenges and opportunities of the future.

“Business leaders and individuals will need to adopt agile practices, models and mindsets in order to thrive in the new landscape” (Linda Holbeche)

Agile principles and practices have evolved over time and have developed more rapidly in recent years within areas such as software design and product development.  However, as a deliberate organization wide strategy, agility is often inconsistently defined and unevenly executed.

WorkMatters specialises in organizational, leadership, HR and individual agility. We work with clients to address the real people and leadership challenges of being ‘an agile organization’. 

We help clients advance the debate regarding organizational agility from an aspired value and concept to being an operational reality.

How agile is your organization from the perspective of its strategy, structures, processes, people and systems ?

WorkMatters assists clients in defining the critical actions and capabilities required to advance organizational agility in a sustainable way depending on their unique circumstances and the scale of the change that the organization seeks to deliver.

We often begin with a high-level assessment or scan of an organization’s agility through the five lenses of strategy, culture, organization, people and external focus (SCOPE).  Contact us for more information on how you can take the SCOPE agility test for your organization.

Specialising in the people and leadership aspects of organizational agility, WorkMatters provides bespoke training and consulting support to internal business and HR teams to help them advance organizational agility principles and practices within their organizations.

How agile are your organization’s leaders based on what the business needs and what it aspires to be?  How do leaders lead and what do they consistently reward and recognise?  Is the current leadership style and behaviour in your organization deliberate and consistent in promoting and role modelling values and principles needed to create the organization of the future ?


“Leadership agility is probably the most important competency for leaders to have in today’s rapidly changing world” – (Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There)


WorkMatters and our partners offer a range of intervention and coaching options on leadership agility depending on client circumstances and the leadership development programmes you already have in place.

We are fully accredited LA360 coaches in Leadership Agility and run various tailored and open programme interventions to assist individual leaders and leadership teams develop their leadership agility self-awareness, skills and impact.

“Download Bill Joiner’s white paper for more information on Leadership Agility and the
LA360 assessment tool”

To support the development of an agile organization, HR also needs to think and operate in an agile way.  How agile is your HR function and related processes today ?  How are people selected, developed, measured and rewarded for your current and future needs ?  How effective is HR in developing new work models and solutions with the business ?

“HR needs to adopt agile principles and practices to improve service delivery today and also to shape how work is done in the future”

Working with seasoned HR leaders and experts in this field, WorkMatters specialises in providing specific consulting and training support for HR teams in adopting AgileHR processes and principles.

We also provide certified AgileHR training, accredited with our certification partner ICAgile.

For teams and organizations to be truly agile, individuals within an organization also need to think, act and perform in an agile way.

Such skills can also help employees to thrive in the future of work as they adapt to rapidly changing work and business circumstances.

How agile is your workforce ? Do employees display the core qualities and competencies of an ‘agile employee’ ? How necessary are these qualities for your organization and for employees themselves as they remain career-fit for the future ?

“Helping people upskill and future-proof themselves in a fast-changing world of work will be the defining challenge of our time.” Jonas Prising

From a HR perspective, are such qualities deliberately selected for, developed and rewarded in the HR and talent management processes ?

WorkMatters specialises in providing specific consulting and training support for HR leaders and teams to develop an agile workforce and organization.

For employees, we also run open and customised employee of the future workshops designed for both employees and HR policy makers to understand the skills and competencies necessary for employees to thrive in the future of work.

Personal Agility – the new skill set for a changing world of work

Personal Agility refers to the research-based qualities and attributes associated with agile performance and effectiveness at individual level.

The presence of these individual qualities are necessary for agile outcomes to be delivered and sustained by employees over time. They also help employees build resilience and greater self-awareness of the qualities they need to adapt and succeed in the changing world of work.  Our Personal Agility model therefore provides important insight for employees on (1) how to improve their own personal agility today and (2) how to build their adaptiveness and ‘career fitness’ into the future.

In partnership with the leading agility assessment company, agilityhealth, WorkMatters has built the Personal Agility Radar (PAR) to help employees and HR to test for these individual qualities and competencies.

Download our Whitepaper here to learn more about the Personal Agility Model and Radar. Contact us for further information or if you would like to compare your employees against established qualities and standards of individual agility.

How agile are your employees ? Take the Personal Agility test.

All you really need to know about Organizational Agility - and Why

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