AgileHR Certification Programme

Course Overview

Designed for HR professionals and HR teams that are shaping and creating the changing world of work, this highly interactive, accredited programme provides participants with the tools and roadmap on how to grow their Agile HR skills - from exploring the elements of organizational agility to understanding the role that HR and people processes plays in supporting the development of an agile organization and culture.

The programme is delivered over 8 x 2-hour online sessions or course. Each course includes some pre-reading (review of some video material, relevant articles provided etc.) and there is a certification exercise that is completed over the course of the programme.

Programme Objectives
  • Introduction to the changing nature of work and what it means for HR
  • Introduction to Agile HR – what is it and key features, practices, and principles
  • Understanding the contrast to traditional HR and benefits/challenges of AgileHR
  • Practical application and exploration of Agile HR practices and techniques
  • Provision of skills and tools needed for successful Agile HR environments
How will you benefit?
  • Professional certification in Agile HR practices and techniques
  • Practical introduction to Agile HR - understanding of where, why, and how it works and contributes to the organization
  • Capability building in Agile HR
  • Being part of a growing network of international AgileHR professionals

HR leaders, HR managers, HR business partners and Agile HR leads

Outline Content
  • The Future of Work and its challenges/opportunities for HR
  • The role of Organizational Agility in the changing world of work
  • Organizational Agility fundamentals
  • AgileHR history and principles
  • The role and contribution of HR in the Agile organization. What is different?
  • Agile HR themes and practices
  • What does AgileHR look like for all areas of the HR lifecycle
  • How HR can enable business agility in the wider organization
  • Exploring practical examples through case studies and exercises
  • The AgileHR transformation journey and how to get started
  • AgileHR Certification business case
Certification and Agile People Membership

Following successful completion of the online programme course participants will be asked to submit a project proposal based on (1) their understanding of the AgileHR principles and practices and (2) how they will be applied in practice in their specific work arena.

This submission will then be reviewed, and once accepted, participants will awarded full AgileHR certification (ICP-AHR) with the ICAgile certification body and will also be welcomed into the Agile People network, a global network of agile professionals collaborating to promote and help modern organizations towards increased Business Agility.

Online Delivery

As mentioned above, we typically work with Zoom for virtual collaboration and team exercises, and Slack for communication between the sessions. Other tools such as Mural, Trelloa and Menti will be used over the course of the programme. Course literature and material will be sent to participants and distributed digitally via the Agile People learning management platform.

Accumulation of certification assignment material will be done during and between the sessions so that participants will have minimal work to do to complete their post-programme submission for certification.

During the period, participants will take part in 2-hour sessions. Total 8 sessions – at a regular and mutually agreed weekly time slot(s) to be established with you.

Programme Costs
  • €1,260 per person including certification.
  • €1,140 - 10% discount for “Early Bird” bookings per person including certification
  • Customized, in-house training programmes also available

Programme Dates

Programme 1: Thursday April 15th, 2021 10.00-12.00 & 14.00 – 16.00

Programme 2: Thursday June 10th, 2021 10.00-12.00 & 14.00 – 16.00

Programme 3.Thursday Sept 23rd, 2021 10.00-12.00 & 14.00 – 16.00

The 8x2 hour sessions (2 sessions per day) will be spread over 4 consecutive Thursdays beginning from the dates outlined below.

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