Leading, working and performing in a more complex environment and at an ever-increasing pace is probably one of our biggest challenges today. Disruption and continuous change are now ‘normal’ and expected in most industries.

Agility as a solution

Organizational agility is well established as one of those critical organizational competencies that has helped organizations successfully adapt to a more complex and rapidly changing business environment. For more high profile cases, just look at what Netflix or Amazon have done with their business models over the last 10 years. Agility is also established as a well-researched quality in future-proofing organizations and employees for future challenges and opportunities. Many business writers and researchers such as McCann and Selsky have identified Agility at organizational, team and individual level as the most common and necessary quality in dealing with “rapid and turbulent change”.

The basic and quite compelling argument is that, if business leaders can improve an organization’s agility and build it into the organizational culture, structure and processes, they will have gone a long way in dealing with the ‘complexity challenge’ and in preparing their organization for the business challenges and opportunities of the future.

So far, so good…..