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Your Learning Pathway in brief

Welcome to your course on The Agile Organization.

In order for you to get the most from this course we have provided you with a blended mix of:

1) Brief instructional videos or lessons to guide you through the core course content
2) Supporting articles and resources
3) Exercises and Reflection points for you to consider for your own context and situation
4) A live and interactive virtual classroom session to discuss and apply the course material
5) A final certification exercise for you to complete the course  
6) Some Additional materials and resources for you to dig deeper into this topic should you wish

Please read the following before you begin, particularly if this is your first WorkMatters Academy course.

Before You Get Started

To access and navigate through the course you just need to click the link for the first topic under “Section 1” below.  Once you enter the learning interface, the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen will then be your guide for the course which is divided into a number of sections. For best learning results please take the contents in the order in which they appear.

Each section contains some brief videos or lessons on the Core Content of the course.  Reflection Points and Exercises are provided which contain relevant questions for you to consider in the context of your own organization, strategy and circumstances.  Within these Reflection Points there will occasionally be articles or additional videos which also contain relevant and supporting content.

The Virtual Classroom section of the course will be through a zoom. In the VC sessions, you will have the opportunity to have more in-depth discussions with fellow course participants on your learnings, reflections and the implications of these topics for you.  You will be provided with a link for this VC session via email.

The final section contains your Course Completion Assignment which should be completed after the live VC session.  This is a brief exercise for you to reflect on your key learnings and to create a practical action plan for the future – for you and your organization. Please note that this final submission must be done in the LMS itself and we will provide you with instructions regarding this last step during the programme. Following a review of the submission and your completion of all the course sections, you will then be awarded your certification and badge for this course.

User Interface

Once you start your journey by clicking on the first lesson under Section 01 below, you will enter our customized Learning interface. The interface is relatively self-explanatory. Once you have completed each step within a section mark it as complete by clicking on the Mark Complete button at the bottom of the page. This will help you to keep track of your progress. Click on Next Lesson or Previous Lesson buttons to navigate through the course.

The Course Content Bar to your left contains everything that is mandatory for you to complete the course and to be eligible for certification. You also might find some additional material (in the Materials tab at the top of this page), adjacent to the Course tab. These materials are just for your reference, should you wish to dig deeper into the course concepts. It is also an inventory of all the exercises / workbooks and Certification Assignment for you to download. At any point during the course, should you feel a need to revisit anything, you can always go back and retake any of the content anytime before or after your online Virtual Classroom session just by clicking on the respective Lesson in the Course Content Bar. Should you feel lost at any time during the course, do click on Back to Course button which will bring you back here to the course home page.  

You can also click on the Back to Account button (below) to go to your profile page to review the different courses you are enrolled in.

Certification Information

During your Virtual Classroom session you will be provided with all the necessary details about your Course Completion Assignment. Submission of this assignment as well as completion of all sections in the online campus is necessary to receive your WorkMatters Academy completion Badge/Certificate.

Certification is awarded on the successful completion of each individual course or module of the Workmatters Organizational Agility Programme.  For those completing the full programme (all 5 modules), you will also be completing an integrated Roadmap towards Organizational Agility as part of your overall Organizational Agility Programme certification. This is to facilitate the creation of an integrated action plan or roadmap specifically for your organization as a result of the learnings from all five modules.  More information on this valuable part of the programme will be provided in the VC sessions.   

Enjoy the programme and we look forward to sharing this learning journey with you.

Let’s Start Learning!
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