Leadership Agility

- An Introduction to Organisational Agility

Course Overview

Leadership agility is probably the most important competency for leaders to have in today’s rapidly changing world (Marshall Goldsmith, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”)

It is not easy being a leader today. With the increased pace at change and complexity and greater expectations coming at us from a wide variety of stakeholders ranging from customers, shareholders, and employees. Leaders are also expected to show clear and calm leadership while delivering both short term results while also steering the ship in the right direction for the future.

In this course we will explore the topic of “Agile Leadership”. We will clarify what agile leadership looks like in practical terms for you and for your organization. And, we will help you develop your own model and approach to agile leadership that is true to who you are and the leader you want to be.

Course Content

In this course you will learn:

  • The challenges in leading more agile and adaptive organizations. We look at the 4 key roles of an agile leader, and why they are so relevant today
  • How to find your own approach and model of agile leadership that positively impacts others, but that is also true to who you are and what kind of leader you want to be.
  • The four habits of agile leaders that are particularly effective in enabling organizational agility and in enabling the development and growth of those around us
Learning Outcomes
  • The role of the Agile Leader
  • Introduction to different leadership models
  • Developing your own agile leadership model and style
  • Do’s and Don’ts of an Agile Leader
  • The 4 C’s of Leadership Agility
Who is this course designed for

This course is ideal for Leaders, Managers, Change Managers and HR professionals across the organization who wish to improve their leadership agility and who have committed to Organizational Agility as a strategic and operational priority. Providing a key focus on organizational agility through the lens of a leader and leadership development, it will also be invaluable for HR leaders and professionals, change managers, project managers, agile professionals & Scrum Masters in their work of enabling organizational agility and shaping the changing world of work.

Teaching Methodology
  • Completing online course material combined with live expert facilitation
  • Exercises and access to experts and further reading
  • Tools and templates for further application
  • A plan to consolidate and apply your learning
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Completion of this course would count toward our Organization Agility Programme as one of the 5 keys modules that make up the programme.

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