This is the final course in a series of 5 courses under the WorkMatters Organizational Agility programme that can be taken as a bundle or as an individual course. For details about the entire programme click here.


In this course, we explore emerging HR trends for the future of work and new ways of working for HR, and how it interacts with the business. HR and the enabling people processes within an organization are critical in making an Agile organization. Select your course date from the options below.


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Course Overview

For an organization to be agile, HR and the enabling people processes within an organization are critical in making this happen. Along with business leaders, HR influences or controls many of the necessary levers and people practices necessary for organizational agility, from workforce planning and recruitment, to training, rewards and performance management. In this course we explore organizational agility from the people and talent perspective. We explore emerging HR trends for the future of work and new ways of working for HR and how it interacts with the business.

Course Content

What does Organizational Agility look like from a HR point of view? How can we bring agility into HR to improve HR effectiveness and how can HR help the wider organization in becoming more agile? We look at Agile HR from these two perspectives and the principles and values necessary to sustain both. We look at practical examples of how to design the talent and people elements needed to help support and enable agility in an organization. We look at Agile methods and tools, such as Kanban & Scrum techniques, how they help to improve business agility and how they can be practically applied for HR. And we will also explore new ways of approaching traditional HR processes in an agile organization.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding HR’s role in creating the future of work and enabling organizational agility
  • How to bring Agility into HR
  • How HR can enable agility in the organization
  • HR’s role in shaping the future of work
Who is this course designed for

This course will be valuable for HR leaders and professionals, change managers, people managers, project managers, agile professionals & Scrum Masters. The course is also an introduction to the people aspects of Organizational Agility for Leaders and Managers across the organization who have committed to Organizational Agility as a strategic and operational priority.

Teaching Methodology
  • Completing online course material combined with live expert facilitation
  • Exercises and access to experts and further reading
  • Tools and templates for further application
  • A plan to consolidate and apply your learning
Related Courses

Completion of this course would count toward our Organization Agility Programme as one of the 5 keys courses that make up the programme.

•    Course 1 – The Agile Organization

•    Course 2 – Agile Teams

•    Course 3 – Personal Agility – Mindset & Skillset

•    Course 4 – Leadership Agility

Completion will also assist participants complete our more in-depth WorkMatters AgileHR Certification programme in association with Agile People and accredited through ICAgile.

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