What do you mean by an Agile Organization? How did the term “Agile Organization” come into being and why it is imperative for any organization to be Agile in today’s changing world of work? In this course we will elaborate on all these questions and will discuss the implications of Agility in your organization.

Here we also focus on the strategies, structure and culture that an organization needs to implement to step in the Agility zone if you like. We will also touch upon a how to measure your organization’s Agility using 5 elements namely – Strategy, Culture, Organization, People and External Focus (S.C.O.P.E)



Course Overview

“The concept of the agile organisation is the most predominant in dealing with unpredictable, dynamic and constantly changing environments” (A. Muduli)

Organizational agility is commonly quoted as been critical to successfully adapting to rapidly changing business and work environments – and towards future-proofing our organizations and our workforces. However, as a deliberate organization wide strategy, Agility is often still inconsistently defined and unevenly executed.

This course addresses the practical challenges of becoming a more ‘agile organisation’. We help participants advance the debate regarding Organizational Agility from being an aspired value and concept towards being an operational, cultural and consistently applied capability across the organisation.

How Agile is your Organization from the perspective of its strategy, structures, processes, people and systems?

Course Content

In this course we will specifically look at:

  1. What does agility really mean and look like at the organizational level
  2. How can we break Organizational Agility down into specific areas that we can identify, work on, and improve?
  3. What role does Organizational culture in particular play in creating agility now and into the future
  4. How can you create a roadmap towards greater Organizational Agility in to the future?

We will also explore how to measure your organization’s Agility using 5 elements namely – Strategy, Culture, Organization, People and External Focus (S.C.O.P.E)

Learning Outcomes
  • Organisational Agility background & definition
  • Organisational Agility Frameworks and key elements
  • Diagnosing Organizational Agility
  • Linking organizational culture and Agility – and how this can be developed
  • Shaping the Agile Organization – advancing your Roadmap towards Organizational Agility
Target Audience

The WorkMatters Organizational Agility programme is ideal for Leaders, Managers, Change Managers and HR professionals across the organization who have committed to Organizational Agility as a strategic and operational priority. Providing a uniquely holistic learning experience of organizational agility, it will be invaluable for HR leaders and professionals, change managers, project managers, agile professionals &; Scrum Masters in their work of enabling organizational agility and shaping the changing world of work. 

Teaching Methodology
  • Completing online course material combined with live expert facilitation
  • Exercises and access to experts and further reading
  • Tools and templates for further application
  • A plan to consolidate and apply your learning


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Completion of this course would count toward our Organization Agility Programme as one of the 5 keys course that make up the programme.

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