Agile HR Certification

Agile HR Certification


Our Agile HR certification (through ICAgile) training is designed for HR professionals aiming to adopt agile HR thinking and practices as part of their HR strategy and operating model. The two-day certification program will equip the participants with Agile HR and people management practices that are developing an increased level throughout the world.

Programme Objectives

  • Introduction to the changing nature of work and what it means for HR
  • Introduction to AgileHR – what is it and key features, practices and principles
  • Understanding the contrast to traditional HR and benefits/challenges of AgileHR
  • Practical application and exploration of AgileHR practices and techniques
  • Provision of skills and tools needed for successful AgileHR environments

How will you benefit?

  • Professional certification in AgileHR practices and techniques
  • Practical introduction to Agile HR – understanding of where, why and how it works and contributes to the business
  • Capability building in Agile HR

AgileHR Certification Programme Content

Day 1

  • The future of work and its challenges/opportunities for HR
  • Agile history and discovery
  • Agile HR Manifesto and principles
  • The role and contribution of HR in the Agile organization
  • Agile HR themes, pros and cons

AgileHR Certification Programme Content

Day 2

  • Organizing HR around business value creation and people engagement
  • Delivering value in an agile environment
  • Exploring practical examples through case studies and exercises
  • The Agile HR transformation journey and how to get started
  • AgileHR Certification business case


HR leaders, HR managers, HR business partners and AgileHR leads


2 day

Our Agile HR certification training is provided in partnership with ICAgile and Green Bullet consulting, recognised international leaders in the provision and certification of AgileHR training and development solutions.

Upcoming Training and Events

Agile HR Certification Training Programme – 23rd – 24th April,2019, Dublin

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