Agile HR Masterclass

Agile HR Masterclass


The Agile Practitioner HR Masterclass is a highly bespoke and targeted programme designed for professionals who are already leading or taking an active part in ongoing Agile HR work and/or Agile transformations.  It also provides a practical form for experienced AgileHR professionals to share their experience and to develop their network and community of practice in the area of AgileHR.

Programme Objectives

  • Knowledge sharing on the changing nature of work and what it means for HR
  • The role, benefits and challenges of AgileHR – participant stories and other experiences
  • Practical application and exploration of advanced AgileHR practices and techniques
  • Provision of skills and tools required for successful AgileHR applications
  • Extension of a network and community of practice for experienced AgileHR professionals

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to advanced AgileHR –key features, practices and principles
  • Understanding the contrast to traditional HR and benefits/challenges of AgileHR including lessons learned of agile and AgileHR transformations
  • Practical application and exploration of AgileHR practices and techniques through the experiences of participants and case studies
  • Provision of skills and tools needed for successful AgileHR environments

How will you benefit?

  • Advancement of knowledge and experience of advanced AgileHR tools and techniques
  • Key features, practices and principles of successful AgileHR environments


“As the world of work changes around us, Kevin Empey creates a route to the understanding of why, what and how leaders need to change in a simple and compelling way that cuts through the hype and complexity to enable action. His engaging approach enables organisational leaders to adapt their underlying knowledge and skills to better lead in the new world of work both now and for the future.”

Chris Roebuck, Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, Cass Business School London

“With his background in business, strategic HR and Leadership development Kevin effectively combines these qualities in helping to deal with complex business and organisational change.  He is a thought leader on the future of work and in how this evolving area can be translated into actionable leadership and people solutions”

Liam Murray, MSD Ireland Group HR Director

With so much debate around the future of work, Kevin helped us to identify the practical organisational and people matters that we can focus on today in order to prepare our organisations, our leaders and our employees for the opportunities and challenges presented by a rapidly changing workplace.  Workmatters also worked with our HR teams to consider our specific role in this future as well – a very worthwhile and necessary experience”.

Cathy Gilmore, Vice President – International HR at Groupon


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