Cultural Change

We can help you create the culture you want to see

“Culture ultimately determines how strategy is executed”

The impact of culture on organisational and employee performance, as well as on employer branding and reputation, is well known.

In short, culture matters. However, while often quoted, culture is not always well understood or deliberately managed.

That is where WorkMatters can help.

Culture goes to the heart of how an organisation thinks and behaves and how it really executes its strategy on a day to day basis.  It reflects the assumptions, behaviours and risk/reward decisions that employees make consciously and sub-consciously and in what leaders actually recognise and value.

Sometimes culture is explicit and aligned with what is intended, but often it is not.  What is clear is that leaders need to understand the culture they are creating and what is needed to reinforce and/or change it.

Given the increased pace of change in today’s world, culture has been increasingly recognised as a key organisational lever and necessary for defining and executing new norms of behaviour and ways of working.

To shape culture in a more deliberate way, leaders clearly need to understand and to agree on what those behavioural norms and working assumptions are today and what might need to change or be reinforced.  They also need a plan for how this can be done and sustained over time, using tried and tested culture triggers that will reinforce and sustain new norms of working.

WorkMatters helps you clarify what your organisational culture is today and what it needs to be for you to succeed into the future.  Using our culture change tool kit and roadmap, and supported by senior experts in the field, we also help you lead and deliver the culture change you want to see at all levels of the organisation.

“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture. If you do not manage culture, it manages you” Edgar Schein

“WorkMatters worked with our leadership team and our staff in defining the unique culture of Netwatch at a critical time when we were expanding our business internationally. They helped us to identify practical ways to optimise and sustain key aspects of our culture and how to manage this important part of our business model as we expanded Netwatch around the world”

David Walsh, CEO Netwatch

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