HR Leaders Workshop

HR Leaders Workshop


This workshop is designed for HR leaders and HR teams who are supporting and leading the development of their organizations in a rapidly changing business and work environment. With continuous change to emerging business and operational models as well as to the expectations and diversity of an ever changing workforce, the traditional role of HR leaders and functions is facing significant change. This programme will help HR leaders and their teams plan for the specific challenges and practical issues they face in the changing world of work.

Programme Objectives

  • Clarification of the future of work implications for the organization and specifically for HR and the HR function

  • Identification of the HR skills and capabilities needed for the future

  • HR readiness assessment

  • Exploration of AgileHR practices and principles

  • Change considerations and roadmap for the HR function of the future

Workshop Content

  • Revolution or Evolution – what is the impact of the Future of Work for you and the HR function ?

  • The people and leadership implications of Future of Work forces and trends

  • Leading the Future I – HR Strategy, Organization and Work Design

  • Leading the Future II – Future workforce and workplace

  • Leading the Future III – Culture and Leadership, implications for HR

  • Exploring practical examples, ‘next’ practices and case studies

  • AgileHR – what is it and why does it matter ?

  • Developing HR strategy for the organization of the future

How will you benefit?

  • Increased understanding of the practical impact of the future of work on the organization and for HR

  • Enhanced HR Leadership and team capacity in building the organization and workforce of the future

  • Development of HR strategy and practical skills for the future of work


HR leaders and HR teams


1 day

WorkMatters facilitated a highly engaging workshop with our Global and International HR teams to explore the future of work and the leadership and HR implications that come with this whole area.  With so much debate around the future of work, WorkMatters helped us to identify the practical organizational and people matters that we can focus on today in order to prepare our organizations, our leaders and our employees for the opportunities and challenges presented by a rapidly changing workplace.  Workmatters also worked with our HR teams to consider our specific role in this future as well – a very worthwhile and necessary experience”.

Cathy Gilmore, Vice President – International HR at Groupon

Upcoming Training and Events

AgileHR Certification Training Programme – October 4th/5th 2018, Dublin

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