WorkMatters and our partners provide a suite of tools and technology that help you diagnose and shape your future organization, provide a superior employee experience and enhance your workforce agility for the changing world of work.

Our Tandem

– shaping culture and employee experience for an agile world

WorkMatters has partnered with Our Tandem to provide an exceptional employee experience solution that facilitates an agile approach to employee development, feedback and performance.

Our Tandem Tools and Technology can help you deliver on the following:
• Create Agile Goals for Shifting Priorities
• Gather crowd-sourced feedback
• Gain self-awareness & personal growth
• Support employee check-ins
• Drive a high-performance culture
• Recognise employee contributions
• Create & Launch Surveys easily
• Allow your organization to thrive in an Agile way

Organizational Agility Assessment and Development

We work with clients to address the people and leadership challenges of being an ‘agile organisation’. We help clients advance the debate regarding organisational agility from an aspired value and concept to being an operational, cultural and consistently applied reality. Assessment is needed to assist that development process.

The WorkMatters Organisational Agility tool (S.C.O.P.E.) provides leaders with a quick and accessible tool to conduct an overall evaluation of Organisational Agility covering all the key dimensions of Organisational Agility – Strategic, Culture & Leadership, Operational, People and External Focus.

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Personality Agility Tool

The WorkMatters Personal Agility Tool (PAT)

Personal Agility refers to the individual qualities and attributes associated with agile performance and effectiveness. The presence of these research-based qualities are necessary for working effectively in an agile work environment - and they also help build greater self-awareness of the qualities needed to adapt and succeed in the changing world of work.

WorkMatters has developed a model and associated assessment tool that summarises these qualities, through extensive primary research and analysis of demonstrated and validated individual Agile behaviour, backed up by decades of academic research on workforce Agility. The instrument was further validated in recent years through Trinity College Dublin and with leaders and industry experts on organisational Agility from around the world. The Personal Agility Tool helps individuals to explore their own individual agility across 17 personal agile competences under 6 dimensions covering two broad domains (personal and social).


Contact us to learn more about the Personal Agility Tool (PAT) and how it can help you to define and develop agility at individual level in your organization.

"I have worked closely with WorkMatters, particularly in the areas of employee engagement and culture change. WorkMatters were invaluable in helping me focus and assess the key insights, learnings and most impactful action areas for myself, the management team, and the Board. I would have no hesitation in personally recommending WorkMatters for anyone overhauling and modernising their People & Culture Strategy."

Kevin Toland ( CEO, DAA )

"WorkMatters worked with our leadership team and our staff in defining the unique culture of Netwatch at a critical time when we were expanding our business internationally. They helped us to identify practical ways to optimise and sustain key aspects of our culture and how to manage this important part of our business model as we expanded Netwatch around the world."

David Walsh ( CEO Netwatch )

"With so much debate around the future of work, WorkMatters helped us to identify the practical organizational and people matters that we can focus on today in order to build and prepare for the future – a very worthwhile and necessary experience."

Cathy Gilmore ( Vice President - International HR at Groupon )