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Agile Organisation


How agile is your organisation from the perspective of its strategy, structures, processes, people and systems?

Change seems to be coming at us in more ways and probably with a greater frequency than ever before. It’s no surprise therefore, that organisational agility is so commonly quoted as being critical to successfully adapting to rapidly changing business and work environments and towards future proofing our organizations and our workforces. So in this module, we will specifically look at

  1. What does agility really mean and look like an organizational level?
  2. How can we break organizational agility down into specific areas that we can identify, work on and improve?
  3. What role does organizational culture in particular play in creating agility for now and into the future?

With real-life examples and practical strategies, this course empowers you to navigate change, boost resilience, and lead with confidence. Click on the “Take this Course” button to get 3 months access to this self-paced course.