People Manager Solutions

We help your leaders and people managers lead their teams in complex and ever-changing work environments

People Manager Solutions

People and team management is tougher today than ever before. Re-energise your managers and their approach to team management and adaptive leadership with our specialised solutions specially designed for the unique and ever changing challenges that managers face in the changing world of work.

  • Our Managing Teams for Agility programme will help managers and their teams adapt to dynamic environments and thrive.
  • Invest in Team Leader Development and Coaching to empower your leaders with the skills they need to excel in their roles.
  • Through Team Assessment & Development, we ensure that your teams have the insights they need to adapt and grow in ever-changing landscapes.

Find out more about our solutions below and some of the supporting digital training products we have designed to help you on your way.

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Digital Training Products

Our blended courses and training programmes are accredited by SHRM and CPD certification providers.



WorkMatters has partnered with us on our training strategy and delivery support since we began planning our transition to our flexible working model. They have provided us with relevant, tailored and timely training that reflects the intricacies of our business, ensuring we get the best impact from our training effort and approach.

Gillian CooneySMBC Aviation Capital

WorkMatters have helped our leaders and managers with our ongoing transition to more flexible work models and new ways of working. Their focus and support to us on peer to peer learning and engagement has also helped us create a culture of ongoing improvement and learning within the Society as our new ways of working develop over time

Barbara CarrollDirector of Human Resources, Law Society of Ireland

With the logic, insights, tools, and examples contained in this programme, mastering agility will turn threat and uncertainty into future opportunity and daily practice

Dave Ulrich

With so much debate around the future of work, WorkMatters helped us to identify the practical organizational and people matters that we can focus on today in order to build and prepare for the future – a very worthwhile and necessary experience.

Cathy GilmoreVice President – International HR at Groupon


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