Our People

We bring a multidisciplinary and international approach to address the people and leadership challenges our clients face in a fast moving and complex business environment.

Originally founded by Kevin Empey, WorkMatters combines our own experience with that of senior specialists and experts in their field.

This approach enables WorkMatters to provide a unique combination of specialist senior level resources and international experience to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Kevin Empey

Kevin has specialised in organization development, leadership development and people strategy for over 25 years.

With a background in technology and business development, Kevin developed an international career in people consulting and leadership development working across a wide range of organizations, sectors and geographies.

Before establishing WorkMatters, he founded and led several start-up companies and was a Partner and Director in Willis Towers Watson where he led the firms HR and Talent consulting business in Ireland from 2002 to 2015. He also established the firm’s ‘Future of Work’ offering in Ireland.

Managing Director

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Kevin is a qualified executive coach and has a master’s qualification in leadership and management practice. His award-winning research work focuses on the practical organizational and human implications concerning the ‘future of work’. He is also an associate faculty member on several leadership development programmes at the Irish Management Institute and is the Programme Director of their flagship Senior Executive Programme (SEP).

A chartered fellow of the CIPD, Kevin was appointed to the Top-Level Appointments Committee (TLAC) which advises Ministers and Government Departments on the selection of senior civil service appointments. A leading expert in organizational agility and the changing world of work, Kevin is a member of the Labour Market Council and was also the founder of Worklink, an internationally recognised coaching and mentoring organization set up to help unemployed jobseekers into full time employment.

Kevin has won several national and international awards for his work in the areas of employment policy, social entrepreneurship, and future of work research.

Network of National & International Leaders

Our partners include a network of national and international leaders in their fields from areas such as future of work consulting, design and innovation, leadership development, organizational agility, executive coaching, change management and culture transformation.

WorkMatters brings together this senior level expertise to address the specific areas of concern for our clients resulting in a blend of diverse and highly experienced talent not available from any single provider.


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Recognising the increasing demands on business leaders and employees and how the world of work is rapidly changing, WorkMatters was founded to support organizations to deliver their specific performance, people and leadership goals in this dynamic work environment. Our overall mission is to help leaders, organizations and employees thrive in the changing world of work and to successfully prepare for the future workplace.

Together, we and our partners are committed to helping our clients address the specific people and leadership challenges they face in a fast moving and complex business environment such as:

  • What does the ‘future of work’ really mean in practical terms for you and your organization?

  • What does organizational agility look like for you, your leaders and for your employees and how can you become a more agile organization?

  • Are your people strategies, structures and processes truly aligned with your business and culture objectives?

  • How do you successfully define and shape organizational culture?

  • With increased complexity and pace of change as normal, what are the implications for leaders and what do they need to do differently to lead and thrive in the changing work environment?

Our Story

WorkMatters was founded to provide a different solution in helping organisations deliver their people, leadership and performance goals in today’s rapidly changing work environment. Our mission is simply to help leaders, organizations and employees to thrive in the changing world of work.

Why we do what we do

Work Matters. And it is changing. How we lead the next phase of organisation development, people strategy and working life will determine not just the success of our organisations but also the quality and nature of work for generations to come. Our goal is to help leaders and their employees successfully manage their transition to the future of work and to lead successful and fulfilling working lives.

How we do what we do

We act as independent trusted advisers, talent developers, and coaches to our clients. Working with a multidisciplinary and international team of specialists and partners, we help you to shape the future of work and to maximize the performance potential of your people and leaders.

Why WorkMatters

Our goal is to leave every engagement with leaders and their employees more energised, enabled and equipped to progress their own objectives as well as those of the organization.

Our consulting and training approach is therefore built on four guiding principles:

Client specific and service led
Trusted and independent - a genuine partnership approach
Maximum knowledge transfer and enablement
Providing short term impact but with the future in mind

We work with our local and international partners to provide our clients with the innovative and practical solutions and services they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and fast-moving business environment.

Our partners include a network of national and international leaders in their fields from areas such as future of work consulting, design and innovation, leadership development, organizational and HR agility, executive coaching, HR strategy and culture transformation.

“All our partners share a common mission which is to enable leaders, organisations and employees thrive in the changing world of work.”