Solutions for the Changing World of Work

Built up over 20+ years of experience in future of work practices, this suite of tools to help you shape your future organisation, provide a superior employee experience and enhance your workforce agility for the changing world of work.

Our Tandem / Beqom

WorkMatters has partnered with Our Tandem / Beqom to provide an exceptional performance management and employee engagement solution. It’s a unique solution that facilitates an agile approach to employee development and performance. With a new vision for performance management, Our Tandem / Beqom aspires to help you create an optimal employee experience with a continuous performance management platform that is intuitive, user friendly and unlocks growth in your people. We’d love to discuss it with you.

Organizational Agility Assessment and Development

S.C.O.P.E. is our own unique organisational agility tool. A proven and popular tool, it provides leaders with a quick and accessible way to conduct an overall evaluation of organisational agility. It does this by covering all the key dimensions of organisational agility – strategic, culture & leadership, operational, people and external focus. With just one quick chat, we can help you identify the enablers and blockers of Agility in your organisation and set out a plan to overcome them.

Personality Agility Radar

Personal Agility refers to the individual qualities and attributes associated with agile performance and effectiveness. If you want to work effectively in an agile environment, you must have these research-based qualities. With our unique Personal Agility Radar (PAR), you can build greater self-awareness of the qualities needed to adapt and succeed in the changing world of work. So, let’s talk about how it can help you to define and develop agility at individual level in your organisation.

Let’s Talk About Tomorrow, Today

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