Thrive in the Future of Work

The future, by those already there

Want to learn what you can do to create a thriving working life for yourself and your organisation? Do you know how to shape your future of work against the backdrop of current and future workplace trends? Would you like to be fully prepared for emerging technologies, prolonged uncertainty and seemingly constant change? If so, then this is the book for you. In this game-changing manual, our founder shows you how to explore what your own path will be towards future of work readiness and fulfilment.


Kevin Empey has done a masterful job of folding the future into the present in one of the most prevalent settings in life: our work and working life. By focusing on the rapidly changing nature and future of work, Kevin builds a compelling case for embracing agility for the uncertain and changing business world. With the logic, insights, tools, and examples contained in this book, mastering agility will turn threat and uncertainty into future opportunity and daily practice. Bravo!

Dave UlrichRensis Likert Professor of Business

This book is a ticket to a transforming future. All you have to do is read it, do what Kevin recommends and find yourself free to define your own working life. It should be read by everybody interested in shaping the future world of work for themselves and for others. And it should definitely be read by everybody under 50, because it will change their lives and ultimately change the world we live in. It is that important.

Charles HandyBest selling author of 'The Empty Raincoat and The Elephant and the Flea'

Thank You Kevin for writing this amazing, easy to read book that summarizes so many important future of work concepts to the individual and organizational level. This book is a gem for anybody who is curious about the agile mindset and understanding how fundamental it is for adapting to the changing world of work. Read it to understand what agility looks like - and ultimately to thrive in the future of work.

Pia Mia ThorenFounder and Inspiration Director, Agile People

The future of work is not only about 'work', it is also about our human condition and our society as a whole. Kevin addresses this elegantly in this highly informative book and provides hugely valuable insight for anyone rethinking their strategy and wishing to be prepared for that future.

John Herlihyex VP Google and ex VP, EMEA & LATAM LinkedIn

This is a wonderful book that provides a clear and practical roadmap how to embed agility into the systems and DNA of an organisation as well as in the mindsets of individuals. This book will therefore be an invaluable resource for the Board room and the HR department as well as for individuals and leaders. Don’t just buy this book, read it!

Costas MarkidesProfessor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

About the author

Kevin Empey is Founder and Managing Director of WorkMatters. He has specialised in organisation development, leadership and people strategy, for over 25 years. With a background in technology and business development, he has built an international career in people and leadership development, working across a wide range of organisations, sectors and geographies. He has also won several national and international awards for his work in the areas of social entrepreneurship and future of work research.

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