The WorkMatters Academy provides a portfolio of open and customized training and development services to help organization leaders, HR leaders and employees to shape the changing world of work.

Organizational Agility background & definition
Organizational Agility Strategy, Structures & Culture
Diagnosing Organizational Agility using S.C.O.P.E.
Team Agility
Agile Ways of Working for teams
Agile Team practices & tools
The Agile Mindset
The Agile Skillset
How can an agile mindset and skill set be developed
The role of the Agile Leader
Developing your own agile leadership model and style
The 4 habits of the Agile Leader
How to bring Agility into HR
How HR can enable agility in the organization
HR’s role in shaping the future of work

Helping you to shape and lead your Future of Work

If recent events worldwide have shown us anything, it is that we can’t wait to shape the Future of Work…..It is here, and it is now. How organisations and individuals manage their changing world of work is more critical than ever.

Supported by a network of recognised experts in their fields and our own 20+ years of experience in this area, WorkMatters brings you a range of open and tailored programmes to enable you and your teams to shape the future of work and embed agility into your organisations.

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Providing leaders and their teams with the support, challenge and guidance they need to lead and succeed.
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Future of Work training for business leaders, HR leaders & teams and employees.
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Helping HR leaders and teams shape their future organizations.