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There’s been lots of chatter about the ‘Future of Work’ and many papers and articles written about the impact of the past 12 months and ‘the world’s biggest remote working experiment’.

Here we’ve pulled together the resources from our live event – ‘Getting Future Fit’ – run in partnership with Kevin Empey, WorkMatters on 27th April

There’s been loads written on future of work, hybrid working, return to office, flexible working, remote teams.   But what’s been missing, and what people were crying out for, was really practical advice on exactly WHAT TO DO.  What should organisations and their leaders be doing NOW to capitalise on the upside and mitigate the downside of whatever future working model they deploy.

At the session we:​

  • Looked at what we’ve learned over the past 12 months
  • Considered the challenges that we might face going forward
  • Outlined the key stages in our Getting Future Fit framework
    • Create a compelling vision – Set up for success by agreeing change principles and business case; establishing a compelling vision; and engaging early with staff
    • Mark out the pitch – Lay down a strong foundation by scoping out key workstreams, planning your communication and change strategy and setting expectations of leaders and staff
    • Engage, enable & empower teams – Bring your programme to life by giving your leaders and people the tools, skills and confidence to perform, as a team, the best way they can
    • Maintain momentum – Create an agile workplace by constantly learning as you go and iterating your plan to meet the needs of your people and organisation


Getting Future Fit Slides

Getting Future Fit Framework