AgileHR Masterclass

A learning experience delivered as a one-day in-person masterclass.

Facilitated by highly experienced AgileHR practitioners, our bespoke AgileHR Masterclass gives you and your team a broad introduction to the topic and shows you how it can serve as a HR function for your organisation. Carefully crafted to equip senior leaders with the skills, tools and network required for team and organisational agile transformations, it provides you with a clear understanding of agile fundamentals, tools and practices.

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Our game-changing AgileHR Masterclass builds on the learnings from our AgileHR Fundamentals course. The programme uses unique case studies, examples and participant projects and programmes, to showcase the practical implementation and application of AgileHR. As flexible as it is beneficial, it provides specialist advice and coaching for your individual case, while also facilitating peer-to-peer learning with others at different stages of their agile journey.

Who is this course designed for?

This bespoke programme is specially designed and specifically targeted at senior HR professionals and leaders. Its core focus is to equip you with the skills, tools and network required for team and organisational agile transformations. This makes it ideal for anyone considering or planning for the adoption of agile thinking and practices as part of their overall strategy and/or agile transformation programmes.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn to apply advanced agile practices to real-world situations
  • Implement an agile mindset in your own organisational transformation
  • Master the skills and tools required for agile transformation
  • Explore case studies, examples and participant projects

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