The Agile Organisation


A learning experience delivered in a total of 4-5 hours.

How agile is your organisation from the perspective of its strategy, structures, processes, people and systems? In this ground breaking agile training course, we look at the practical challenges to becoming a more agile organisation. You can take this course individually or as a part of our Organisational Agility Programme.

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Organisational agility is absolutely key to successfully adapting to rapidly changing business and work environments. What’s more, it helps future-proof your organisation and its workforce. However, as a deliberate organisation wide strategy, Agility is often still inconsistently defined and unevenly executed. We’ll help you take it from being an aspirational concept, to being an operational, cultural and consistently applied capability across your organisation.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is perfect for those leaders, managers, change managers and HR professionals who have committed to organisational agility as a strategic and operational priority. Providing a unique, holistic learning experience of organisational agility, it will be invaluable for anyone looking to shape the changing world of work.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand why organisational agility is so critical
  • Learn organisational agility frameworks and key elements
  • Discover how to diagnose organisational agility
  • Develop a link between your organisational culture and agility
  • Advance your roadmap towards organisational agility

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