HR of the Future


HR role plays a vital role in shaping and enabling the organization and workforce of the future. This has never been as true as it is today with the
increase in the pace of business change, an ever growing workload and the changing expectations of a diverse and multi-generational workforce.

Our HR of the Future Programmes help HR leaders and teams shape their future organizations and also assess the changes they face as a function in
the changing world of work.

WorkMatters facilitated a highly engaging workshop with our Global & International HR teams to explore the future of work and the leadership and HR implications associated with this
growing topic. With so much debate around this this area, WorkMatters helped us to identify the practical organizational and people matters that we can focus on today in order to build and prepare for the future – a very worthwhile and necessary experience”.

Cathy Gilmore, Vice President – International HR at Groupon

I would highly recommend the AgileHR Certification programme – wonderful, practical way to immerse yourself in all aspects of AgileHR
and the Future of Work in a fun, learning environment

Kathryrn White, Head of Human Resources, Office of Government

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