Introduction to AgileHR Programme

A learning experience delivered in a half-day or one-day workshop.

In this popular and proven AgileHR programme, we explore the changing nature of work and what it means for HR. We get an introduction to AgileHR and its key features, practices and principles. From that you’ll have a full understanding of the contrast between traditional HR and the benefits and challenges of AgileHR. This industry-leading programme can be delivered online or in person as either a half day or one day programme that includes our AgileHR Fundamentals Course as pre-work.

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Our popular and proven Introduction to AgileHR Programme will give you an unrivalled foundation in AgileHR. Delivered in person or online, this industry-leading one day programme will help you understand what the unique approach means, what it can deliver for you and what makes it different to traditional HR methods. You’ll be provided with exposure to AgileHR methods and tools, so that you can start practicing AgileHR in your organisation.

Who Is This Programme Designed For?

The WorkMatters Introduction to AgileHR Programme is designed for HR leaders, managers and business partners. If you are considering or planning for the adoption of agile thinking and practices as part of your overall HR strategy and/or agile transformation programmes, then this is for you.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand where, why and how it works
  • Understand where, why and how it contributes to your business
  • Get familiar with AgileHR practices and techniques
  • Build your capability in AgileHR
  • Join a growing network of AgileHR professionals in Ireland and abroad

The CPD Standards Office

This course is accredited by the world-leading CPD accreditation body. Earn your credits with the CPD Standards Office to add to your continuous professional development.

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