In this course, we explore what being an Agile Team entails and how teams working with an Agile mindset can set the organization on a success journey in this ever-changing world of work. You can take this course individually or as a part of our Organizational Agility Programme. For more information, see the introduction video and course details below.

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Course Overview

Individuals create teams and teams create organizations. For organizational agility to thrive, it requires teams to work effectively with an operating culture, ways of working and team practices that can help each team deliver and adapt – as well providing an engaging and growing working experience for individuals. In this course we explore what being an Agile Team entails and how teams working with Agile mindset can set the organization on success journey in this ever-changing world of work.

Course Content

What does agility look like from a Team point of view?  We look at practical examples, principles, practices and tools needed to help support and enable agility for any team from any function in the organization that needs to work in a more agile way today.  We introduce, discuss and explore tools such as OKRs, Scrum, Kanban and other Agile tools, rituals and routines that have successfully enabled teams to work in a more agile way across the world over the past 20+ years. 

Learning Outcomes
  • The organizational context for agile teams 
  • Team Agility
  • Agile Ways of Working for teams
  • Agile Team practices & routines
  • Methods and tools to enhance team performance and productivity 
  • The individual skills of personal agility and why they are important in the team context 
Target Audience

This course will be valuable for all team members of any organization who require a comprehensive introduction to agile team working. The course is also suitable for Leaders, Managers and HR professionals across the organization who have committed to Organizational Agility as a strategic and operational priority and who wish to implement the concepts of Agility deep in the values of their teams and the wider organization.

Teaching Methodology
  • Completing online course material combined with live expert facilitation 
  • Exercises and access to experts and further reading 
  • Tools and templates for further application 
  • A plan to consolidate and apply your learning
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Completion of this course would count toward our Organization Agility Programme as one of the 5 keys modules that make up the programme.

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